Resources For Your Business Needs

Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating; but you have lots of support. Find resources to help you make decisions on starting or growing your enterprise. 

IRS Resources for Business

The IRS provides a great deal of useful information for businesses at various life-cycle stages.  Numerous resources are set forth below that will get you started but there is no... Read more

Local Resources

List of SCORE Oxford Hills local resources Read more

Maine SCORE Chapters

The chapters in Maine are listed below. If you are located closer to one of these chapters than to Oxford Hills, please contact one of them for Counseling and other services.... Read more
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Branding and Trademarking: Legal Considerations

This document contains the speaker bio and presentation slides for our event: Roundtable: Branding and Trademarking: Legal Considerations Read more

Cash Flow Template

A simple, blank template you can use to review your businesse's income and outgoing expenses.  Read more

Guidelines for Preparing the Business Plan

Use these guidelines and outline to create the first draft of your business plan.  Read more

Master the Ins and Outs of Cash Flow

You often hear about motorists who suffer breakdowns in the worst possible places because they didn’t bother to check their tires regularly, ignored their dashboard warning lights... Read more


The Personal Touch Goes a Long Way Toward Keeping Customers

You’ve no doubt seen people so absorbed with their smartphones or computers that they appear oblivious to what’s going on around them. Of course, everyone is entitled to privacy,... Read more


Start-up Business Plan Outline

Outline for a Start-up Business Plan Read more


Opening Day Balance Sheet

A projected balance sheet on the day the business opens. Read more


Start-Up Expenses

Identify and organize start-up expenses Read more


Sales Forecast

12 Month Sales Forecast  Read more


12 Month Cash Flow Projection

Detail cash flow projection by month for 12 months. Read more